Home for Haircuts

Jeffery Warren, founder and owner of Signature Kutz, says he tries to make the Durham-based barber shop feel “homey, real comfortable. Like a living room.” Since 2010, the four barbers of Signature Kutz have been providing haircuts to the local community and beyond. Warren describes East Durham as a place that has seen significant revitalization in the past few decades, which has in turn made the barber shop a safer place. Much of the surrounding neighborhoods have many  low-income and single-parent households, says Warren, so the barbershop adjusts its prices to make haircuts accessible to all families. “Seeing kids grow up from a baby, when dad bring their sons in, you’ll see them grow up, and then see their sons grow up, until they graduate from highschool too,” says Warren. “Building relationships with the customers, to me that’s the best part of it.”