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Snooty Foxx: local legend 

December 6, 2018

Most people don’t know much about their favorite athlete outside the ring. 


But for residents of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, it’s hard not to know who Devon Riggsbee is. The local legend has gained attention over the years as a champion in wrestling and a valuable community member. It also helps that he works out in his backyard, which faces one of the busiest roads in town.


“Lots of people pass by and stare, but I’m pretty used to it,” Riggsbee said.


When Riggsbee is not busy cooking dinner for his children, helping customers at Jiffy Lube, or organizing a wrestling match for the community, he’s in the ring. There, he’s no longer Devon Riggsbee– he’s Snooty Foxx, a hero in the Central Wrestling Foundation Mid-Atlantic wrestling world. 


Wrestling has always been close to Riggsbee’s heart. He remembers coming into his house after school and immediately hearing the familiar sounds of yelling and cheering on television. Like his father and brothers, Riggsbee started wrestling at a young age and continued through high school. He took the first opportunity he was offered to start wrestling professionally. Since then he has been wrestling with CWF Mid-Atlantic for over four years, balancing a busy schedule made busier by the demands of being a single father of three children. 


Despite the constant action, Riggsbee maintains that he is pursuing his dream. 

“Every time before I go out I’m always nervous– I get butterflies,” Riggsbee said. “Then once I get in [the ring], I’m just focused on what I’ve got to do. I’m happy. It’s an awesome feeling doing what you always dreamt of doing.” 


Professional wrestling is both hard-hitting action and drama. The wrestlers usually "play a character" for entertainment purposes, sometimes which include small props worn before and after the match. Many fans have personal favorites and will spend time and money supporting their wrestler.


Currently, Snooty Foxx is both the Central Carolina Champion and GOUGE Heavyweight Champion, a title he has held for nearly a year. Although he has acquired a sizable fanbase in Chapel Hill and across North Carolina, he says his children are still his number one fans– and his biggest motivator. 


“My kids look up to me and they see me as this huge personality. They enjoy having me come out to their schools and speak,” Riggsbee said. “They’re really proud of what I do, so it keeps me going and I feel like it’s showing them that it’s good to chase what you want to do.”