The Fire in our Water

Jordan Revels, a member of the Lumbee Tribe and a native of Robeson County, has been an active environmental justice advocate for his community since he first heard about the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline during his freshman year of college. 

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline (known as the ACP) is a natural gas pipeline proposed in 2013 by Dominion Energy and Duke Energy to run through  West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina  It will disproportionately affect over half of the Native American tribes in North Carolina, including the Lumbee Tribe in Robeson County. 

Revels, now a UNC Pembroke senior, works with several local and country-wide organizations, including Friends of the Earth International and Carolina Indian Circle to bring awareness about the ACP and other environmental issues. Alongside his community, he has seen small wins such as delaying further construction of the pipeline and a Supreme Court hearing on the ACP which happened on February 24.


This video was produced as a part of UNC Global Storytelling by Nash Consing and Hope Davison.