The Northwood Chargers

Friday night lights for Northwood High School football have historically been a crowd drawer for the residents of Pittsboro, NC. The football team, which hasn’t seen a consistent record for either wins or losses in the past few years, started the 2019 season with new coaches Cullen Homolka and Tobias Palmer. After the team started with a disappointing 0-3 streak, they began to look promising as a competitive team for the playoffs when they won the next four games back to back. After losing the next three games in a row after that, the dream of making the playoffs started to fade. Although many seniors were disappointed, wanting to finish their last football season strong, they were also looking forward to starting new seasons in different sports since almost all of the players are two- or four- sport athletes. “I felt like we kind of found our identity, but then also I felt like we took steps back when we should have been taking a lot more steps forward,” said Palmer, a former NFL player and Northwood alumnus. “It’s kind of in-between. I feel like guys right now, they want to win, they want to compete on Fridays, but it’s about trying to find that way of being able to finish at the end, whatever we need to finish. It can be tough, but it’s football.”